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Our Story

The Good Life Starts Here

cofounders Danielle Chang and William Li

In Chinese, Hao means good and its character represents harmony. The Hao Life was created to bring more of both into your life through modern herbal remedies.

When we met over a decade ago, we forged a friendship over our shared Chinese heritage—particularly, the nourishing meals that had supported our wellbeing. Growing up, the kitchen cupboard was our medicine cabinet and healing herbs were infused into our everyday diets to keep us well.

As we entered new phases of our lives, we both found ourselves looking to take better care of ourselves. After years of measuring our success by how far we’d climbed on corporate ladders or how booked our calendars were, we realized that living the good life was impossible without the foundation of good health. So, we reconnected with our roots as a way to recharge our wellness and restore balance to our lives.  

With the help of a world-renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, we’ve updated classical Chinese herbal blends to help us all handle modern life, naturally and effectively.

Thank you for sharing in this new tradition with us. Here’s to your health in harmony.

—Danielle Chang & William Li
The Hao Life Cofounders

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Our Superblends

Feeling Good Shouldn't Be Complicated

Chinese herbs are incredibly complex by design—that’s what makes them work. But that’s also what keeps many people from using them. Often, the labels at your local health food store are difficult to decipher. If a specific blend is recommended to you by a TCM practitioner, concocting them in the typical tincture can require extra time and effort. 

We wanted something that was easy—easy to understand, easy to trust, and easy to take.

Here’s what you can expect from each of our formulas*:

We explain how each of our formulas works from an Eastern and Western perspective. And we’ve taken the guesswork out of taking the herbs by concentrating them into simple daily tablets.

To make sure what’s on the label is what's in the bottle—and nothing else—every ingredient is screened for purity and potency by a third party, and certified for safety by the NPA (Natural Products Association).

These formulas are way more than their individual plant parts. That’s why we call them Superblends. When they combine, they enhance the efficacy of each other and the formula as a whole. The proof that they work is not only well-documented in their centuries of use, but in clinical research that spans East and West.

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Our Philosophy

Health in Harmony

Herbs are just one step on the journey toward The Hao Life. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, wellbeing is supported through a variety of modalities—including acupuncture, meditation, and movement. 

While Western science often views and treats parts of the body separately, Traditional Chinese Medicine views the body as an interconnected ecosystem. Each modality aims to balance the body by targeting the five vital organ systems—Heart, Spleen, Liver, Kidney, and Lungs. 

That’s why each of our Herbal Superblends corresponds to one of these systems. By maintaining harmony in one system, you maintain harmony in the whole for ideal health.

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Our Advisor

David Melladew, L.Ac., Dip.OM.

The world’s most discerning wellness-seekers have sought the knowledge and care of David Melladew. He’s developed Eastern-focused health programming for some of the most exclusive escapes in the world, including Aman Resorts across the globe and the Como Shambhala Estate in Bali. Now, he’s applying his expertise beyond his practice by formulating herbal remedies for all. 

Melladew received a masters degree in Oriental Medicine from Pacific College in San Diego, CA. He is licensed as a U.S. Nationally Board Certified Acupuncturist and diplomat of Oriental Medicine.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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