reishi mushroom root next to a white bowl of reishi powder
William Li

Discover the many reishi mushroom health benefits and how to take them to naturally boost your immune system for cold and flu season.

A Picture of Bupleurum Root

What is Bupleurum Root and How Can it Help Your Liver?

In the last 60 seconds, your liver just filtered over a liter of blood. We hardly think about the difficult work our livers do every...

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Illustration of The Chinese Peony Root

The Power of the Chinese Peony Root

Known for its many health benefits, the peony root has been cultivated and used in Chinese medicine for centuries. Learn about the benefits of peonies...

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Palm Leaves Textures

What Are Adaptogens: A Beginners Guide

Wondering what adaptogens are and how they can improve your life? This guide will teach you everything about these herbal supplements, including what they do...

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Woman Relaxing On Ground

The Best Natural Remedies for Anxiety

The short and long term feelings of anxiousness are felt by many people today. This list offers both lifestyle adjustments and natural remedies that can...

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A Woman Sleeping On Her Bed

The 8 Best Calming Herbs for Sleep

The benefits of a good night’s rest are undeniable. If you have trouble sleeping and are looking for ways to naturally support your body's homeostasis...

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Reishi Mushrooms

10 Best Adaptogenic Herbs to Add to Your Routine

Adaptogenic herbs can naturally support your body’s ability to regulate and manage stress that comes with day-to-day life. Learn what adaptogens should be a part...

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Illustration of Cordyceps

Cordyceps Mushrooms and the 8 Benefits You Need to Know

Cordyceps are a key ingredient for a more balanced life. Learn how Cordyceps Mushrooms and their adaptogenic properties work to support our immunity, energy, and...

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Danielle Chang from the HAO Life

Danielle Chang, Cofounder of The Hao Life

Danielle Chang isn’t exactly used to having downtime. In addition to cofounding The Hao Life, the 49 year-old cultural entrepreneur typically spends her time running...

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bone tea soup mushrooms on a cutting board

Good Food: Herbal Bone Tea Soup

In traditional Chinese culture, food is as much about nourishment as it is flavor. So, when you’re not feeling so hot, there’s a meal for...

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